Neat tool called entr

TIL about a command line util called entr :tada:

Website: entrproject

mac: brew install entr

ubuntu: sudo apt install entr


This will watch any filename you pipe into entr. Then it can run any script you pass it with -s or just completely reload a process (ctrl - c and start again) using the -r flag.

Perfect for scripting or spiking parsing weird payloads :rocket:


Example scripts:

ls *.rb | entr -r ruby main.rb

echo 'script.js' | entr -r node script.js

echo 'main.go' | entr -sr \
  'docker stop $(docker ps -aq) && docker-compose up --build'

So useful!

Repo with a bunch of langs

I made a repo so I could script in a bunch of different languages with watch scripts for each one!

Check it out: dev.random